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Packaging Supply Discrepancy Reports


As outlined in Chapter 17 of DLM 4000.25, Volume 2, WebSDR is the primary means for submitting the Standard Form (SF) 364, Report of Discrepancy. The DoD WebSDR application automates the SF 364 SDR paper form facilitating the DoD standard transactional exchange. The WebSDR Homepage is at: https://www.daas.dla.mil/daashome/websdr.asp

By exception, until electronic reporting under DLMS is universally available, SDRs and associated responses may be reported via hard-copy SF 364, email, through customer service help lines (e.g. the DLA Customer Interaction Center) 1-877-352-2255. Please send "hard copy" via fax/email, send to DLAContactCenter@dla.mil or use the following numbers: FAX: (269) 961-7791 or DSN FAX: 661-7791

Operations Security (OPSEC) Applicability. Due to an identified OPSEC requirement, SDRs have been designated as controlled unclassified information (CUI) by the DLA Headquarters, and must be identified as "For Official Use Only (FOUO)". Handling and electronic transmission of SDRs must comply with DoD rules for this level of sensitive unclassified information, to include proper labeling and protection. DLA has further directed encryption of all SDR email transmissions. This requirement has been levied on the DoD WebSDR and impacts all participating DoD Components.

Listed below are compiled packaging FAQs for the 'Packaging Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR)' topic. If your question is not listed, please use our DSCC.packaging@dla.mil

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  • What regulation governs supply discrepancy reports?
    DLM 4000.25, Volume 2 (Supply Standards and Procedures), Chapter 17 (Supply Discrepancy Reporting) governs Supply Discrepancy Reports. We encourage you to have a copy available for review. DLM 4000.25

  • What is the purpose of a Supply Discrepancy Report?
    The following web page covers the Purpose of a Supply Discrepancy Report.

  • What form do I use to notify Defense Supply Center Columbus of a packaging discrepancy?
    The SF 364, Report of Discrepancy is the official form to submit supply discrepancy reports.

  • How do I complete a SF364 properly for a packaging discrepancy?
    The following web page covers the SF 364 Preparation.

  • May I fax or e-mail a supply discrepancy report (SDR) to Defense Supply Center Columbus without using an SF 364?
    Yes, as long as the following basic information is received for processing a SDR:
    1. National Stock Number involved
    2. Quantities (received/discrepant)
    3. Requisition Number
    4. Contract Number
    5. Discrepancy Code(s)
    6. In the clear narrative of the problem (for Good Examples)
    7. Point of Contact information
      1. Name
      2. Address
      3. Telephone/Fax number(s)
      4. E-mail address (if applicable)

  • How are SF 364s distributed?
    The following web page covers the SF 364 Distribution.

  • Who are responsible for supply discrepancy report corrective actions?
    The following web page covers the Corrective Action Responsibilities.

  • How long does it take to process a packaging SDR?
    Our Packaging Team's goal is to process Packaging SDRs within 8 days or less.

  • What are the Do's and Don'ts to SDR preparation?
    The following web page covers the SDRs DO's & DON'Ts to report preparation. Please read and apply this information. It will help us to assist you more efficiently and effectively.

  • What are typical packaging discrepancies?
    The following web page covers the Typical Packaging Discrepancies we review and correct on a routine basis.

  • What are some additional remarks which will expedite processing my SDR?
    The following web page covers Good Additional Remarks. We encourage you to review and apply the key points illustrated on this web page to avoid any delays on receiving credit for your organization.

  • Should I include my e-mail address to get a response quicker?
    YES. Upon request within your SDR, we will scan the processed document and e-mail our response back to you.

  • Should I include photographs with my packaging supply discrepancy report?
    YES. Photographs provide additional documentation of the discrepancy and can be used as evidence of nonconformance to contractual packaging requirements.

  • What if I forgot to include my photographs to document the damage? How can I send the photos directly to the assigned office?
    For packaging discrepancies, follow-up photographs can be E-mailed to: DSCC.packaging@dla.mil
    or mailed to:
        Defense Supply Center Columbus
        ATTN: DLA Land and Maritime-VSP
        3990 East Broad Street
        Columbus OH 43218-3990
      * Please include the report control number with any correspondence.

Content Inquiries: DSCC.Packaging@dla.mil