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Bookmark! Bookmark! Bookmark! Below are some archive announcements and links on resourceful web sites as it relates to the field of packaging. If you have any recommendations for sharing information, please use either our feedback form to submit your request or E-mail us directly at: DSCC.packaging@dla.mil.

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Archive Announcements

NOTICE: IPPC Web Site Replaced!
Importance: High     Expiration Date: NONE

As of 01 August 2002, the IPP (International Phytosanitary Portal) has replaced the old IPPC web site. In the immediate future it will only be available in English. However, documents will be available in all languages as in the past. It is anticipated that other FAO language capabilities will develop rapidly over the next couple of months. Additional news on phytosanitary issues is linked to the relevant topics within the IPP, or a summary is available from the news link in the menu bar.

  • See News for ...... 22 June, 2002: SUSPENDING IMPLEMENTATION OF ISPM No. 15

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