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Future Developments - DLA Packaging Web Site

The following items have been approved by DLA HQ for development. We have provided a brief overview on our approved projects and the status of the project. If you have any FAQs or recommendations to submit, please send them to us via e-mail at: DSCC.packaging@dla.mil or via our DLA feedback form. It is so encouraging to hear from our customers and contractors to find out what they want to see on our web site. Write to us & tell us what you want!

  1. National Database of Military Packaging Houses (MPH) [STATUS: Project Cancelled]
    PURPOSE: New Development to provide a national database of MPH sources for contractors, packaging personnel, and buyers to share information, reduce administrative time and costs involved in locating packaging sources. The MPH database will have the capability to search by name, region, state, city, and/or facility capability. MPH database will be accessible via web with user ID and password.

  2. DLA Packaging Feedback Electronic Form [STATUS: Completed]
    PURPOSE: Revised Feedback to provide a one-contact-point for contractors and customers to contact any DLA Packaging Specialist. We from automates deliveries of e-mail messages to the managing Packaging Specialist at the corresponding DLA ICPs based on National Stock Number provided and/or topic selected. Messages are delivered to corporate ICP packaging mailboxes to avoid any delays in electronic customer support.

  3. Tips for New Contractors to Military Packaging [STATUS: Completed]
    PURPOSE: To provide a handy 'how to get started in military packaging' resource for contractors, small business offices, and Packaging Specialist's providing packaging training (TKO or PTAC) to contractors.

  4. Unit of Issue FAQs [STATUS: Not Started]
    PURPOSE: Help acquisition community and customers aware of unit of issue requirements.

  5. Inspection FAQ [STATUS: Not Started]
    PURPOSE: Help contractors understand the inspection requirements.

  6. IRPOD FAQ [STATUS: Not Started]
    PURPOSE: Address frequently asked questions on this subject.

  7. Forms [STATUS: Not Started]
    PURPOSE: Upgrade existing documents accessible for editing online.

Content Inquiries: DSCC.Packaging@dla.mil