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Customer Feedback

We want your impressions of DLA Land and Maritime also known as S9C & S9E. Please tell us what you think on your experience in using DLA Land and Maritime products and services. The information you provide will help us identify areas of improvement. Thanks for your time and comments.

Point of Contact:

E-Mail Address: DSCC.CustFeed@dla.mil

Telephone - Commercial:(614) 692-4471/9494 or DSN 850-4471/9494

Additional Resource:

The DLA Complaint Program which is explained in DLAI 5610.1, Investigating Defense Hotline Allegations and DLA Complaints, and DLAD 5610.1, Management of the Defense Hotline Program and the DLA Complaint Program, may be used by anyone for reporting suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement with no fear of reprisal or unauthorized disclosure of identity.